X Banner Stands

X banner stands are used to display large format banners within a trade show or retail presentation. These exhibition stands, X banner stands have an adjusting design you can manipulate to display a range of different-sized banner graphics. Simply push the button to unlock the legs and pull them into a desired position. Once in place, the button will re-lock to securely hold a stand's position. X banner stands, also known as banner display holders, utilize their X-like design to pull a banner taut, creating tension and ultimately displaying your graphics beautifully. These exhibition stands feature curved poles on the top, as well as a tripod base to increase their overall stability.

Material Type

Banner and stand


No coating

Sizes (width X height)



full color printing


Depends on customer's need


Cut to size and fit in stand


Don't fold the legs more than 15 degree
We sell stand separately

Cost Calculator

X Banner Stands

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