For Sale 10mm

For sale signs are still popular, even with the internet. In some markets, buyers drive by a home, spot a for sale sign and slam on the brakes. The question isn't whether you should have a for sale sign in the yard unless you want to keep secret the fact that your home is for sale and some sellers do. It's whether the for sale sign will generate an inquiry about your home.
Most sellers expect buyers to call for more information. If you are selling the home yourself, a sign can encourage a buyer to immediately call. If you have hired a real estate agent to list your home, then the phone calls will go to your listing agent. A phone call is an excellent opportunity to discuss all of the wonderful features of your home, sometimes not readily apparent from the curb.

Material Type

Choroplast 10 m.m thick with vinyl and direct printing


No coating

Sizes (width X height)



full color printing


Depends on customer's need


Cut to size and paste on material


Material is a permanent application. Cannot be re-fix after initial pasting.

Cost Calculator

For Sale 10mm


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